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Howtos and Articles' Journal
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Saturday, September 20th, 2008
12:33 pm
Windows Howtos and Articles
 Category: Windows
12:31 pm
Apache Howtos Links
 Category: Apache
12:27 pm
Howtos Links
 This Section is only for Links to Howtos
Friday, September 19th, 2008
9:50 pm
howtos and articles
Techgurulive is all about howto's and tutorials on Apache,Linux,Windows,Mysql etc

It is a overwhelming website.It has what seems like hundred's of articles,free advice related to the IT field and help on almost any topic of interest to any IT professionals.Although it is a free site it is laden with advertising.

The real gem of Tech Guru is that it doesnot advertise on contents ,very clean interface, very good search module , The user can also avail articles on mail,Rss feed is also enabled..

Here you can also ask questions and get advice from the best IT professionals.

 techgurulive is a fantastic resource for IT professionals.
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